MY Happy Planner Mania

Hey there !!!

Well, here is my first post in english. I will do all my planner post like so with a very little translation in french.

Almost two month ago I bought a Happy Planner, it was a very good decision. I love it so much!! I wach a lot of plan with me video on Youtube and I love how you use it and how you can decorate it!! But in France to find stickers ( ether cute or fonctional ) is really difficult PLUS finding some matching the Happy Planner cases ….. a nightmare.

There is o lot og shop online who are amazing but mostly are for Erin Condrin planner. I bought a lot on line ( I discover at the same time the scrapbooking !!! ) but nothing that makes me feel happy to put on my planner for a all theme.

So i decided to make my own, and I enjoy it so much !!! I love choosing the pattern, the colors, the theme and arranging everything to look good. It takes me a lot of fails to come out with those but it’s a beautiful succes for me !!!! 🙂

Now that i have found my base, it’s a all new world opening for me . And i wanted to share it with you. I made 2 finish themes so far ( 3 are getting ready 😉 ) One is for Halloween and the other one is a kind of Shabby chic. I’ll show you how I arrange my planner with them and you can download them too if you want to.

DOnc on français ça conne ça :

Il y maintenant presque 2 mois j’ai acheté un happy planner et du coup à moi la folie de la déco. Sauf que en France pour trouver des choses qui feraient l’affaire c’est compliqué. Donc j’ai décidé de le faire moi même ! 🙂




_DSC1101 _DSC1102



_DSC1107 _DSC1106

There will be some improvement and changes, you can also give me advice or ideas for the next stickers sheets, I’ll love that !! And show me how you use them !!! you can find me on instagram @tupsy_planner 🙂

If you want to download them :



Thank you for watching and sharing it 🙂

See You My Tupsy One !!!

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